Monday, 6 June 2016

Math time...

We were getting excited about our math last week! We were working together to work out the game and to check that our answers were right - great job!

Harold the Giraffe!

Last week we visited Harold the Giraffe in his Life Education Classroom. We had a great time with Quentin the teacher and learnt alot about being a good friend! Here are some photos from our visit...

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Buddy Class Reward!!

We have been working really hard at managing ourselves this term so earnt our 6th class sticker just before Easter, and we earnt our class reward! We spent it watching an Easter movie and icing Easter eggs biscuits! Thanks to Room 1 for helping us - we LOVE our buddies!

Action shots!

We were drawing pictures of ourselves playing - this is Ellie's action picture of her playing soccer!


We ohhh we ohhh we ohh!
One day we were learning when we heard a siren outside! We saw an ambulance heading to Awapuni Preschool, we were worried that someone was hurt but luckily they were just visiting! 

Mel from preschool invited us to have a look too...
We got to look inside the ambulance and have a go at 'driving' too!
Thanks Awapuni Preschool for sharing your learning experience with us! 

Butterfly Garden!

We went to visit the butterfly garden at school..
We are waiting patiently for some of the butterflies to hatch!

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Beach Ed!

Unfortunately it was pouring with rain on our beach ed day - but we were lucky enough that the lifeguards came to visit us at school! They taught us about being safe at the beach....